Native Name Corrustar
English Name Corrustar
Japanese Name コラスター
Official Languages Japanese
Form of government Totalitarian Dictatorship
Alignment DGTO
Population 900 million

Corrustar is a planet that is part of DGTO. It is the home planet of Tachibana Elisabeth and Arisugawa Mikoto.


For the outside world Corrustar gives image of having great life standard and showing how rich their cities are and that their citizens live great life. They use that to show how life can be great on entertainment banned planets.

However while they are showing this picture they only show the richest part of countries where the rich elite (about 2% of people lives). This elite mostly includes DGTO and DES supporters. Majority of people on the planet are very poor and barely have enough food or money to survive. 

The biggest example of that is Corrustar's capital Yumemachi, which is supposedly a great place where everyone lives a happy rich life. However there is a fence in the city and on the other side live poor people in very bad lving conditions.

Entertainment ban on Corrustar is one of the most strict ones. If someone is caught listening to music they can get imprisoned for decades and in worst cases (especially if they are found to be WOTA members or if they are found in a entertainment-hideout) even killed.

Important Citizens



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