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バッラオーナ竜/ 바라나
Ryuu Barahona
Barraoona Ryuu/ Iyu balana
General Information
Age 19(actual)
20 ( Korean age )
Gender Male
Home Planet Orginally : Spainstar
Now : Koreastar
Oshimen Watanabe Mayu(s)
Miyabi Honoka
Social Media Ryuu-chan~
Height 5′ 5
Familial information
Other information
Seiyuu Nobuhiko Okamoto

SA :Suggi

" I am the King Joker of KEEN,Ryuu-chan"

Ryuu Barahona is a minor character who is affiliated with SYM Entertainment was a former member of SG8,but has been switched to KEEN as an official member. He is most known professionally as Ryuu-chan,mostly caused by his childish acts. He is a Spainstar singer and actor who is currently based in Koreastar .

In SC0117 ,he was in a two year group called KIDZ . It was formed by a competition run by NSN Network called " First steps ". The wide range that kids auditioned were at the age of 7-13. Five out of twenty kids debuted in the group . By August 13th debuted into the world with their debut song " Choose". By August 1st SC119 the group disbanded with their last single called " Majimag-i anida." ( Not the last ) . For two years,he was under a temporary contract under ACE PRO Entertainment

He is immensely thankful for the show giving him an opportunity to show the galaxy what he is capable of,and to be able to shine on stage.

Aside of doing idol work or even KEEN. You'll be mostly seeing him in drama theater or at home.



Ryuu is known as the “energy pill” of the group,and loves to have fun(hates the word or being bored). He is also known in the group as the "Heavy Prankster" (no limit to pranking),and he loves it.He known for being annoying cute(but in a funny way). Ryuu is very kind and sweet to anyone,even if the person hates him.He loves to feel excited,and the adrenaline.He sometimes get impatient when its get super long(and boring). He gives respect to anyone who deserves it.He is more extrovert then introvert.


Ryuu has learned to be more patient and more mature than he was before.He loves to cheer anyone up ( third reason why he loves preforming). He has also learn to be calm when the time is needed.He sometimes would show his nerdy side of himself,though it would be rare


Ryuu's original hair color is Black.His eyes are dark brown,though sometimes it shows normal color brown.His height is 5'5

First step competition

As seen from the episodes,Ryuu was a little chubby boy,his height was 4'10.When he was young he loved colorful shirts,shoes and pants .


From the debut of SG8,Ryuu had a major weight loss during his time in ACE Pro,and SYM Entertainment .He likes to put his hair as side style ,or Short Styles,he also loves to express with dying his hair from various colors.He loves to wear pop style clothing with a little bit of more color.


He started to feel less liking to pop clothing,though he still wears it from time to time.He started to have a interest in more formal outfits as he grows into an adult,he also like more edgy and cool kind of clothing.His image started to change from cute to little normal.

He still like to change his hair color for singles

When he is off duty,or anything related for him to be on day off,or preparing,or rehearsal .He wears his glasses instead of his contacts,wears his plain old normal clothes,or his nerdy outfits that he usually buys at hot topic.




He always acts as a little young cute little sibling that you always wanted. He would get people annoyed by his repetitive acting cuteness


He's now more mature and acts like himself instead pleasing and annoying everyone like he used to ,but he skill acts cute from time to time,it's only rare.


He gives off a cool vibe due to the choreography.Being in keen is the only time he could ever act cool. On MAMA awards , he was serious for the first time,and very sensual .


Before (SC0117)

Ryuu live in Barce,Spainstar. He lived a well substantial home,he lived with his four brothers,four sisters,and his parents.Though he didn't feel right being with his family,he like it,but he felt like he could do better with his life . Entertainment was around Spainstar of course,mainly focused on AKB0048,and Spainstar music.Until at the age of 8 he discovered from his mother,Korean music . He grew more liking to it .He knew that was his passion and what he wants to aim for ,though he didn't know how.

First step audition

On YouTube,there was an AD about a show for beginner who wants to enter in the entertainment business ;the show is named "First steps ".Ryuu knew that it was an amazing opportunity for him to audition for the show.He had informed his parents and siblings,most of his siblings doubted that they would ever pick Ryuu considering his appearance,and from that it lowered his self esteem to the point that he cried.A few hours later his second oldest sister encouraged him that he could if he put his mind to it,and to not anyone hurt what you desire. Ryuu took his big sisters advice,he ran out from his home and went to a top of a mountain to be alone,and where his voice can be actually heard( aside from the loud noise) .For his audition song, he had chosen "My transform"(by Prizmmy ) as the song signified for him that the boy he was would be even better than the enemy had hoped.He put every single voice and power to the song knowing what he is truly capable of (and a little dance move ) .Even though he was a chubby boy,it doesn't mean that he can't do anything without putting his mind to it,and go for it.

A month later,he received an e-mail by NSN Network.He really thought that maybe he had failed,and wasn't selected,but the thought of what his sister said a month before boosted his spirit .He opened the e-mail,and fully read it,he couldn't believe it......he was casted into the survival show " First step". He kept reading for about 30 times,finally he screams with excitement causing his siblings to enter the room,he informed them that he made it into the cast.Though some of them didn't believe it until they had read the acceptance email.They couldn't believe it either,they kept thinking " Why him","They could have chosen any other". That day as soon as he went to bed,he kept thinking " Why me ? What makes me so special from any other ?They could have chosen someone else from the whole galaxy,but why me ?".A month later he would soon found out why.He said goodbye to his whole family even the ones who didn't believe in him.Though he plotted his revenge,by leaving buckets of water on top of their bedroom doors before he had left. From then on,he own adventure began.

First steps

Ryuu didn't know what to expect from the show,after all the show was still new at the time,and it was the first season.He was the fifth contestant to come on stage and greet the:judges,constants,and viewers.Though many believed ( because of his appearance ) that he would likely to go home first as he wasn't fit enough to dance,or even sing on stage.As he's know as prankster Ryuu,he proved everyone wrong that he can do what everyone else can by hard work,belief,and passion.He was only in the bottom two once in episode 8,season 1.


Ryuu still could not believe that the group was about to end soon. He didn't know where to go at this point. Stay in Koreastar or go back to Spainstar and continue his studies over there. He asked his parents if it was the best decision. The only thing they cared is if he happy in what he's doing and that response was his answer. He decided to stay in Koreastar and continued what he loved. Like all disbandment, it got emotional for the members,especially for Ryuu since First Step brought him here and let him show the galaxy that he can do anything just like anyone else.


A month after KIDZ had disbandment. It was hard for Ryuu continue his dreams in such a planet. He was starting to lose hope in himself,until the very next day.He started to perform by himself on the streets of Seoul mostly performing song of KIDZ and other songs from the past. He mostly got made fun of by random strangers,mostly because of his weight and appearance,but it didn't stop him. On the very next day, Ryuu was headed to shopping center until a man asked Ryuu if he was interested in joining his company. He didn't know who he was. He wasn't sure if he was able to trust this man after all he only met him today,but he couldn't let the chance blow away. As he took the card he couldn't believe it that it was the founder and CEO of SYM Entertainment.

As he step into the trainee center. His life was completely changed forever

Debut/ Leaving

It was finally the day for Ryuu and now his new fellow members to step on stage for him it was once again. Unlike before, Ryuu's appearance changed his body was more slim,his hair color was dyed in blue as a sign of his uniqueness. He was a completely different boy everyone didn't even recognize him at all the only detail was given in the beginning was his vocals. His life along with SG8 was more successful.

By SC0125,Ryuu was proposed to leave SG8 for unknown reasons though he still lives with Jin.

KEEN official

As SYM had stated during the press conference it was officially that Ryuu along with another member from the same company would have their contracts terminated with their former groups. Ryuu didn't know what to feel at that point: Anger,sadness? It was mostly negative emotions that was shown. Ryuu didn't want to say goodbye to his members,but life would never stay the same,but as for Ryuu agreed by the ceo, he would stay with Jing as his dorm-mate. A month of the official group past by.They are still the fourth famous group in Koreastar and some planets. Ryuu fame grew bigger and bigger from the talent less boy to the a celebrity.

Coming out~❤️

On April 30th,SC0126. Ryuu went on Twitter with a simple tweet " I'm 🌈".This caused of course an up-rise good and bad. A week later,Ryuu went on social media to state what happened " I've been holding down this side me for years thinking that I would be a disgrace,a monster, or even an outcast because of what my interest is as a human being,but not anymore I've found to love and appreciate from who I am and what I stand for,I also realized that I shouldn't keep burden secrets from my fans,family,and members,you guys are with me till the end.Thank you everyone for giving me positivity in my life,especially that you all knew WITHOUT me telling you all,lmao". Though their are some people who had something to say about it (in a bad way) but we're not getting there. Later he posted a photo of him and Takahashi Jin from SG8 (former group) this again cause fan-shipping up rise.



  • Spanish(Expert,mother tongue) As Ryuu grew up in Spainstar he needed to learn Spanish in order to speak with the natives.
  • Korean (Expert,Family)- His father is Korean. He started hearing and developing the language. This continued grow as he moved to Koreastar.
  • Japanese (Experts )- Mostly the galaxy speaks Japanese,he learned this languages at the beginning of his school year( Kindergarten).
  • English (Intermediate)- As he had entered classes in Koreastar. He best decided to learn English as well seeing how most famous actors spoke English. He continues to learn this languages with the help of his members(KEEN),but struggles at times.


After his training years in ACE Pro,and SYM Entertainment.He's able to sing ever note that he possibly can,he continues to improve his vocal for new singles ,or special events .Though,he wasn't like this before during First steps his vocals were a little rusty,through training and improvement,he got to where he is now.His voice is powerful than some of his fellow SG8 members.


His dancing is just average standard for an idol.


He isn't a noob (well now) when it comes to acting,with his acting he could easily trick people,though he doesn't as he believes it wrong.He is rolled in many theater performance after KIDZ was disbanded.He doesn't focus much on acting,but he loves it along with singing .



Ryuu has firstly proven himself,and the galaxy to be a variety king from many shows that he participated in


  • Sakura Yokoyama (female)- Former member.The Face of the Group. They get along quite nicely.Obviously they're rivals.Both of them are top 2 favorites by many fans.Ryuu wants to be Sakura in shining the best.She is three years older than Ryuu.
  • Ji-yeon Kyŏng (Female)- Former member.Lead Dancer.Unnie(oldest).Ji-yeon puts Ryuu in his place when he's emotionally unstable,he thanks her for being there when he needs it.Four years older than Ryuu
  • Alisa Honoda (female)- Former member.Sub-Rapper.Alisa,of course used to get annoyed by Ryuu"cute" moments.She got to the point where she literally punched him,but she couldn't as she was broadcasted live,but she still did only pretend.Though after Ryuu apologized for his annoyance their relationship grew better.After two years,they have a great relationship even though they're very much opposites.Fans call them Ying Yang duo",though what they both like is exotic foods .Alisa is one year older than Ryuu. He immediately cried when Alisa told her story when her own family left her on the planet like garbage and leaving nothing for her to survive in Sakaestar .Though she said " Although they had departed from me first,they now left me with eight amazingly family".
  • Kai Brooks ( male) - Former member .Dancer.Kai,of course, used to get annoyed by Ryuu"cute" moments.She got to the point where she literally punched him,but she couldn't as she was broadcasted live,but she still did only pretend.Though after Ryuu apologized for his annoyance their relationship grew better.There relationship grew better within two years.They're the same age.
  • Melody Jaheem ( Female) - Former member.Sub-vocalist.They love to go shopping together when buying clothes or anything really.Ryuu is happy to have a friend like her.She is one year younger than Ryuu.He loves Melody deeply and considers her a wonderful friend.She has taken Ryuu's position after he was forced to leave the group
  • Jing Takahashi (male)- Former member.Best friend.Shipped by fans.He's two years older than Ryu. Lead rapper of the group.They're always close to each other and never get separated. Jing admires Ryuu for everything he does and his accomplishments.He used to call Ryuu "Lil Ry Ry ",it stopped after he became 17. They have an amazing relationship.He is two years older than Ryuu. He is now Ryuu's lover. How they became a couple. One night in the dorm room, Ryuu couldn't take it anymore and confessed to Jing about loving him. This made him emotional. In the end, Jing told him that he likes him too.
  • Shūzhēn Huang ( male )- Former member.Sub-Vocalist.He sometimes tries to take Ryuu away from Jing.They spend some time together along with Jing when they're not busy.Shūzhēn is three years older than Ryuu.

  • Jungkook -Former member . They don't have much contact like they use to due to their schedules.He stayed with ACE PRO entertainment.A month after SG8's new song " Unleash the beast ",he eventually with B4 ,Ryu really enjoyed their debut song " Really Realy " .His group eventually preformed with their debut song on MAMA award's stage .The next day,there was a major article of Keen vs Jungkook fued,how he is saddened and in anger how he wasn't involved on the new project of Keen. Though the industries explained and even ACE PRO Entertainment that Jungkook couldn't be involved as he hadn't debuted yet . Ryuu felt sad and sorry for his old friend,though it's what the industries had decided . They talk to each other more than before.

  • Sunwoo Chung-Cha Zhang(CCZ) -.She became a solo artist and joined World-G Entertainment.She later debuted two year earlier than Ryuu .Former leader of KIDZ.three year older.The first thing that Ryuu did when he saw CCZ was to hug her to death. It's been two years since they last saw together,or spoke to each other . She is the leader of KEEN.
    • Enami Rosetta -Her and Ryuu work for the same company(SYM Entertainment). She's later debuted with a group called Freesia. She's the main singer of the group. Debuted one year early than Ryuu. He was happy when he heard the news that Rose would perform with him in the group. After the news, they felt sad that both of them would leave their groups and be in KEEN though they stay strong and perform like they always do.
    • Myou Min-sun -she joined Savvy Entertainment. They still have contact with each other.She later announced to be a Solo artist and a model.Same age ;younger by month . He was extremely happy when he found out that the old group would re-born and be together again. Much has changed between the two,though they continue to support each other and love each other. They're always together along with Rose and CCZ.

    • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - She was very welcoming to Ryuu. Ryuu felt like she treated him equally. How they became friends was because of Ashley . Ryuu wishes that they continue to be friends as they both common interest.He was glad that he'd be working on Sayaka's project.
    • Watanabe Mayu - In the beginning,Ryuu questioned on Miyagi's and Honoka's relationship status,though Ryuu somehow knew (from Miyagi's expression) that Honoka meant something more to Miyagi. So he decided to tell Miyagi that it's okay for people with the same gender to fall in love . Now they're are good terms are Miyagi sees Ryuu as an ally than an enemy .
    • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Ryuu felt outcasted treated differently from her and some AKB members. He always thought that they would be loving and caring ,but he was wrong.
    • Matsui Jurina the 8th - He absolutely admires Honoka-chan. How she's always happy even when things are sad and gloomy. He believes that Honoka-chan is the ray of sunshine for 00,and he just loves that . He's really glad that they could continue talking. He loves getting tips in pranks by the "Prank master"
    • Tomone Kaoru - At first,Ryuu felted very annoyed by this young girl,but then things went calm for both of them.Then things felt weird for Ryuu as he felt that Kaoru-chan wanted something more,but he quickly shut it down as he stated he just wants to be friends(no scandal). They still talk sometimes when he's not completely busy . He officially calls her " Loudy"

    He hasn't talk to his family since the day he debut with KIDZ.Connection lost. He calls them every week to get an answer,but couldn't

    • Barahona Gloria.Mother
    • Barahona Kim-jin.Father
    • Barahona Jose.Brother
    • Barahona Hyeon.Sister
    • Barahona Juan.Brother
    • Barahona Miguel.Brother

  • Sung Youngmin : Ryuu always loves to tease him.Though Mr.Sung really hates it,he find it funny in some way. Though,he sometimes scared of him when he's in a mad mood .Their relationship grow as more friend worthy,than worker.
    • Satō Akimasa : His manager . Ryu somewhat likes him ,though he could get very aggressive sometimes to the fans ( Push them(fans),throw their gift to the ground,etc) .Ryu would immediately find that rude,but Akimasa apologizes after that . Though,Akimasa can always be fun,and very lively,and Ryuu deeply loves that .

    • Ashley Snow - He showed Ashley Koreastar and SYM building,he was basically mentoring Ashley .Weeks later,they begin to talk more and more soon being great friends,Ashley knows Ryuu's secret and is glad to know that they're that high on their friendship. After a month of Ashley's re-debut. Ryuu was glad that his friend was able to shine once more.

    He loves to spoil his pets with love and items

    • Spike- (Male). He's very relaxing and very calm. Ryuu wasn't able to take Spike with him as the show forbid bringing any animals to set,his eldest brother( Miguel) told Ryuu that he'd take care of Spike and love him,because he always loved Spike. Ryuu misses his pet. His a dragon lizard.
    • Caramel- (Female) She's bit of a feisty one,but loves her very deeply and she loves him back. He chose the name "Caramel",because her coat color is Caramel he also chose the name because of SKE48's unit "Caramel Cat". He gotten the cat when he went to Maiamistar for a variety show. He calls her in English."She's a Tonkinese.
    • Pompy- (Female) She's more active,but yet understanding than Caramel. She's very loud when she wants things (spoiled). Takahashi Jing very much relates to this cat.Pompy is overly attached to Jing,which Ryuu would be sometimes jealous of. Born on May 15th.She often plays with Shoujo . She's a Cymric cat.
    • Shoujo- He's very much of an airhead,but loves him very much.He would get very protective if Jin or anyone he doesn't like get to close to Ryuu. Ryuu finds this adorable,but annoying. He is born in Koreastar. He loves steamed potatoes and his Green doll that looks like Jin (he runs after it when it gets squeaked).His coat color is black. He was born on October 13th. The best thing he loves about him is Shoujo's smile. He's a Pomeranian.


    • Genre
      • K-pop

    August 13th SC0117
    Choose - MV

    • Eenie Meenie -MV
    • Open you're eyes
    • It has just begun
    • 클라크 붐/Clack boom
    • Eenie Meenie REMIX

    August 22nd SC0118

    • 너 진짜 니?/Is it really you ? -MV
    • Vacation - MV
    • 잠들지 않는다/Never sleep
    • 더 높은/Higher
    • Be mine

    August 1st SC119
    마지막이 아니다 ( Not the last )

    • IRONY
    • Superior
    • This is all for you.

  • Genre
    • K-pop
    • Bubblegum pop
    • Electropop
    • R&B
    • Hip Hop

  • August 23rd SC0123 (debut )

    • Time to shine -MV
    • Chu~ -MV
    • 내 호감/My Crush -Mv
    • 홈런/Home run
    • 대변인/Showstoppers(SG8 version)
    • Time to shine -Acoustic version

    August 13th SC0124

    • 너의 소원을 빌어/Make your wish -MV
    • Pheromone- MV
    • 그림 이모티콘/Emoji
    • Walk into the future
    • Annyeonghaseyo ? (Hello ?)
    • 모두 꿈이야/it's all a dream
    • 악마가 되라/Be the Devil
    • 거울/Mirror Mirror
    • 너를 좋아하는 사람 아냐/Nobody like you
    • At the TOP (Sakura ,Ji-yeon ,Alisa,Melody )
    • 다시 그것을 다시/Back at it again( Ryu,Jing,Kai,Shūzhēn)
    • L&P ( Sakura,and Ryu)
    • 힘/Power ( Jing,and Melody)
    • Dreamers
    • 너 없이는 좋지 않다.../It's no good without you...(,Ji-yeon ,and Alisa )
    • B.B.W (Kai,and Shūzhēn)

    November 13th SC0125

    • 짐승이 최대한 발휘/Unleash the beast -MV ( Center : Ryuu/w Sakura )
    • 플래시!/FLASH! -MV
    • 말하지 말고 듣기 만하면된다/Don't speak,only hear
    • 너 멋지지 않아./You can't cool (Center Jing)
    • 너를 좋아지지./WE LOVIN IT !
    • 마지막/Your last
    • Never forget
    • Become like you
    • 獣が最大限に発揮さ/Unleash the beast - Japanese version .

  • Genre
    • K-Pop
    • J-pop
    • R&B
    • Dance-pop
    • hip hop
    • Easy listening
    • Ballad
  • He does many songs with Keen as he's part of the group.

    October 15th SC0125 Debuted : MAMA awards

    • Reborn/다시 태어난 -MV
    • You ain't better than me
    • Messing with fire
    • I LOVE YOU
    • Welcome to the jungle
    • We are Keen !
    • Missing you

    March 5th SC0126

    • 第4壁(Dai 4 kabe) /Fourth Wall/넷째 벽
    • Electric (focused :Ryuu)
    • 私はあなたのよ(Watashi wa anata no yo) /I'm yours/나는 너의 것이다.(focused :Min-sun)
    • Dominance(ft Kashita Miyagi)
    • タッチ/Touch/접촉(focused :Min-sun)
    • 夏の暑さ(Natsu no atsusa) / Summer heat/여름 더위(focused :Rose)
    • CLAP! it off ! (focused :CCZ )
    • Lonely
    • Feliz

    June24th SC0126

    • If I Were You
    • Someone
    • Love Situation
    • Can't Nobody
    • Stay together,friends forever
    • Painful
    • Regret

    On SC0126, November 27th,SC0126. Ryuu-chan debuted as a solo artist along with Rose with her song "Stairway to the stars". His first debuted song title is "Placer Conocerte(Nice to meet you)". With his debut single, he wrote a song for his love, Jin, called 너에 대한 사랑 (Love about you). Later on his future he release 6 singles, 1 collab sinle and one album. Genre: Pop,R&B, Soul

    • Placer Conocerte (Debut Single)
    • 멜론 하트/MELON Heart
    • BOY (Beginning of Year)
    • MYM (Mind Your Manners): Secretly this song was meant about bad cooperation doing anything to a trainee, because they(the trainee) would do anything to debut).
    • Social Life: Mini single. How one is obsessed with being liked on social media even if it's all faked.
    • 팝 매직/Pop Magic
    • 나는한다/I Do: Collaboration with Takahashi Jin. Mini Single.
    • End of 10 Days: Album. The song takes about his history as an idol since he was 10

    • 대변인/Showstoppers (SYM Wonderland(SC0123))-groups that debuted(SG8/w Galaxy girls )
    • S.Y.M!!! - SYM family

    He did some commercials songs.

    • Bye Bye birdie (SC0122 )
    • The lost boy (SC0123 )
    • Wait for me,Galen hooks play(SC0124)
    • Forbidden Love- (SC0126)
    He started in few Broadway plays


    • Oh My Chu !
    • " Hello! I am the energetic and prankster of SG8,Ryuu-chan !- Ryuu's former introduction
    • My Hubby!- Talking to Jin


    • 내 이웃이 내 애인 이니?!/My neighbor is my lover ?!( SC120) - Ha-joon.Ha-joon is a young boy who lives with his dad.He's a secondary character.
    • Bye Bye birdie -Harvey Johnson .Harvey Johnson. A teenager from Sweet Apple, Ohio, he is on the phone and has a solo during the song “The Telephone
    • The lost boy - David Pelzer .This character is the author and subject of the book.
    • Wait for me - Ruberto Gonzalez . The son of a military father who goes to war.
    • Koi no Kensaku- Dr. Hamada. He plays a minor role in the series. Dr.Hamda reports Chigusa Hanami about her illness and the chances of her death.
    • Prototype - Humanoid robot . His character was created from a miss miscalculation. He's a mysterious robot with a human appearance, who can feel human emotions and who seems to have many secrets.
    • Forbidden Love- He plays a man name Tyler Johansson. Tyler is a gay man,who is unable to find love as he was unsafe as who he was. Things were not so great in the 50s. At the end of the play he later finds his love interest during a riot. A man name Malik Anderson.
      • By SC130,this play later became a movie.

  • First steps documentary.Before first steps(SC0118)
  • Forbidden Love- (SC0130). LBGTQ,pop musical,

  • Bye Bye birdie (SC0122 ). Musical
  • The lost boy (SC0123 ) - Drama .Main cast
  • Wait for me,Galen hooks play(SC0124) . Musical,drama,Romance,interpretive dancing .Secondary character
  • Forbidden Love- (SC0126). LBGTQ,pop musical,

  • NSN Network - First Steps ( season 1,15 episodes )
  • 내 이웃이 내 애인 이니?!/My neighbor is my lover ?!( SC119,2 seasons )
  • KBS;Happy together (Episodes:400,455,514,550,600)
  • SG8 show ( showing their daily lives).Guest stars.
  • Battle trip
    • He went on seven trips with Alisa:Neptuniastar,Aquastar,Applestar,Spainstar,Akibastar,Florastar,and Maiamistar.They immensely had a blast with their trips,and even relaxed as well as having fun.
  • Prototype
    • To be honest,Ryuu was very much surprised that they wanted him to be cast in this show even coming from AKB .Luckily his schedule was very much empty aside from SG8 and Keen .

    • 134th annual Mnet awards ( SC0117 ) - Category: Best debut single ( KIDZ,nominated)
    • 140th Mnet awards ( SC0123 ) - Category: Best debut single (SG8,won)
    • 200th MAMA awards(SC0124)-Category:Best music videos (SG8,Nominated)
    • 201th MAMA awards(SC0126)-Category:Best co-ed (SG8,Nominated)
      • Keen debut (2 songs: You're not better than me ,and Messing with fire )
      • Preformed Pheromone REMIX
    • 203th MAMA awards(SC0127)- Category:Best New Artist(Winner)
    • 203th MAMA awards(SC0127) Best Music Video (Winner)
    • 204th MAMA awards(SC0128)- Galactic Inspiration Award (Winner)
    • 204th MAMA awards(SC0128)- Best Group (Winner)
    • 205th MAMA awards(SC0129)- Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Vocal Performance
    • Golden Disc Award Song Division(SC0132)- Winner
    • 205th MAMA awards(SC0132)-Best Male Artist (Nominated)
    After the group had disbanded. Ryuu later on gained award for acting.

    • SYM Wonderland Concerts
    • SG8 Concerts
    • KCON Concerts
    • KEEN concerts

    He did some commercials.

    • First steps season 1
    • First steps documentary
    • i-phone Z (SC0125)
    • SG8 related
    • Keen related


    Ryuu is written in Japanese as リュウ and it means Dragon. In Korean,it's written as 류(Yu) ,it's also used as a surname.

    Barahona (Spanish.Originated in Spain ) - Christian kingdom


    • StageName: Ryuu-chan
    • Nicknames : Ry Ry ,Ryu, Rainbow king ,bae gun (nickname by Jing (bae-kun))
    • Religion: Catholic
    • Nationality: Hispanic
    • Position : Lead Vocal,Visual,and Dancer
    • Languages : Spanish (Mother tongue,Expert),Korean (Home,Fluent),Chinese (basic),Japanese (Fluent) ,English (Okay)
    • Charm points : Spunky smile
    • Favorite foods : Paella,and Gamja-tang
      • Desert :Chapssal icecream Donuts
    • Favorite colors : Aquamarine and soft pink
    • Hobbies: Playing video games,playing tennis and playing Volleyball
    • Sibling(s): 5 older siblings,and 3 younger siblings ( 3 brothers,4 sisters )
    • Training Duration: 2 years with ACE-PRO entertainment,and 3 years under SYM entertainment ( 5 years total )
    • Date of Birth: October 29 ,SC107
    • School:
    • Birth place : Barce,Spainstar
    • Specialty: Aegyo,Flexible
    • Interests: Acting, Music,shopping ,and sports
    • Vocal range : Baritone Eb2 ~ C6 (3 octaves, 4 notes and 1 semitone)
    • Roommate : Jing Takahashi
    • Social media accounts
      • Snapchat: Rystarr
      • Twitter : Ryu-chan_1029
      • Instagram : Ryu-chan ( more active )
      • Spotlight : Ryu
      • Youtube : Ryuuuu
    • Color code #02E1ED '


    • His favorite member from AKB0048 is Matsui Jurina the 8th and Watanabe Mayu successors.
    • He is currently the most popular idol in Koreastar,and some planets.
    • Idols in Koreastar consider him as their senior since he debuted into the world in SC0117
    • He loves his job when it comes to acting and singing
    • He revealed how he lost weight so much was doing only eating cabbages and only drinking water.How he maintains it ( along with the rest of kpop idols) fitting food in a small cup and that was his food for the whole day
    • Originally,the company had planned Ryuu to be in a six boy band group called "TOY",but was changed 1 year after being in SYM. The boy group debuted the same year as SG8. Ryuu still talks to them even after he had been to a different group. He bought their debuted single "TOY"(Thinking Of You)
    • When KIDZ was still a thing.Ryuu was the irresponsible one in the group leaving many things behind,such as: Passport,cellphone,bag,precious items .
    • He once got "punched" in the face twice by Alisa during Wasabi smash (Parkour ) shooting for being incredibly annoying by being annoyingly cute and then later he got " punched " again by Kai
    • Even though he looks fully Asian ,he's actually Hispanic .
    • He likes to be called by his Japanese name and rather than his Korean name.
    • He is known as the prankster of the group
    • He often mumbles while sleeping
    • His favorite season is winter
    • He is the type of person that hides sadness with a smile.
    • They call him " Rainbow king " as he changes his hair when new singles come out ,or just for fun.
    • He came in 3rd place when competing in First steps
    • He is deeply shipped with Takahashi Jing by fans ( #Rying). Came true on SC0126.
    • Cats love him.No one knows why
    • The media speculates that Ryuu could be homosexual or bisexual
      • It is confirmed in the RP that Ryuu-chan is homosexual
        • His ideal type is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
    • He admitted that he had nose surgery on the day he turned 17.He wanted to make himself feel more confident.Though some say the company had forced him to go under the knife.
      • Surgery : Nose(SC0124),oval chin,and double eyelid(SC0125)
    • He loves to sky dive,sight see,fast roller coasters,vegetables, and swimming.
    • He hates mushrooms
    • He has the habit of taking photos of his food before eating.
    • It was stated that Ryuu suffered from deep depression throughout the years,though it depleted,but still currently struggles with it (even cheerful people suffer)