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Elise, the Princess Aya
aya-no-miya eriize naishinou
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SC125 - 154th Generation Debut
General Information
Birthday April 08th SC0112
Home Planet Royalstar
Eye Colour Moss green
Hair Colour Ebony
Height 149cm
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 155th
Agency Morning Star Entertainment
Oshimen Techi the 6th
MoYoung Marian
Other information
User Millyna
Hex Code #D32453
Seiyuu Sakura Ayane
"I'm 0048's Snow White, Elise. It is truly a pleasure to meet you."

– Elise's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Elise, Princess Aya (彩宮エリーゼ内親王あやのみやえりいずないしんおう), under the name Elise Ayana (彩名 エリーゼ) was a trainee of AKB0048's 154th Generation and a member of Team B.

Known for her gentle and polite nature, Elise is a true princess and lady. Albeit sometimes socially awkward, she is determinant to be of use to her friends and adapt to the environment of AKB0048. She is passionate about bringing entertainment to worlds with the ban, espacilly to her home planet Royalstar.

She left AKB0048 in SC0127 following political developments on her homeplanet. In the hopes of influencing those, she turned to intergalatic relations over music, keeping close contact to the WOTA, and thus AKB0048.



Elise's skin is as white as snow while being smooth and clear. Her face is rather slim and small. She is petit and a little bit chubby. Her eyelashes are quite curly and her eyes are moss green. Her lips are red as blood and her hair is smooth, long and black as ebony. Usually, she wears her hair down, but she'd like to try out other hairstyles as well. She has got heart-shaped lines on her hair and in her eyes, as well as a tiara-shaped lining in her eyes.

Her appearance resembles the appearance of Snow White, a fairy tale. Elise likes the fairy tale most, and a good friend often called her Snow White in the past.

Elise's clothing style is plain but graceful, classy and sophisticated. She loves to wear kimono but doesn't wear them as casual clothes. She likes feminine clothes too.


Elise is well educated, polite and graceful. From her childhood on, she was taught good manners and conversation rules. She lacks a sense of humor and doesn't understand many jokes, but laughs either way, in order to not attract attention. She is dainty and determined and strong-minded. However, her determination can easily be changed and once someone opposes her, she often changes her mind. Usually, she prefers to stay quiet in social conversations but she is able to speak up and express her opinions. Elise is very intelligent but doesn't know a lot about foreign life, or even casual life. She is a bit naïve too and often overthinks things. She tends to panic if she doesn't have time to prepare for anything. She likes to apologize. Notably outspoken in political and social matters, Elise is strongly against the DGTO, but notably not against the Royalstar monarchy. She sometimes misses social clues and tends to do suble signs that at home were signals to servants, ending in confusion why nothing is happening.


Elise enjoys poetry a lot and is able to play violin despite coming from a banned planet. She likes to listen to classical music or read classic literature but also loves fairy tales. She is fluent in Japanese and English as both are official languages of Royalstar. She also speaks Chinese and Spanish, but cannot write Chinese well and isn't fluent in both languages. Her pronounciation, especially in Chinese and Spanish, has a heavy British accent. She sometimes falls into the accent when talking Japanese as well. She can talk incredibly fast.

She is well informed about the DGTO and the government of prominent DGTO planets.


Early Life

As second daughter to the emperor and empress of Royalstar, she is the second princess of the planet. Thus, thanks to the general wealth of the kingdom, she lived a life of luxury but also had to live the strict and hard life of the royal court. Despite the planet's status as banned planet, the upper society was able to access entertainment without problems. Elise grew up in this society and for a long time, she didn't know of the ban at all until she was involved into official events. She learned how to play violin from her personal amid who used to be her best friend that once lived on a neutral planet and a violinist. Her parents didn't oppose this as long as she could continue learning. They possibly didn't even know. She also knew 0048 but when she grew older and asked to listen to their music, her tutors told her that they were terrorists and that it'd be unfit for a princess to be interessted in such a group. Eventually, her maid learned of her interest. The maid was secretly an inactive WOTA and introduced Elise to AKB0048. By now, Elise knew about the ban but was told that "it is the best" for her family. Her maid explained her the truth about the ban, explaining that the only reason why Royalstar was banned was to ensure the imperial family's reign in a similar wise to the DGTO. She started to disagree and eventually developed the wish to leave her home. With six years, she understood that this was almost impossible due to her family's status.


When Elise was thirteen years old, her maid had kept to inform her about releases, events and auditions. Until the fifth audition in the new era, Elise believed that it was impossible for her to join. However, this time, her maid had prepared several things for her, including faked IDs to escape. She convinced her to try - she still could chose not to head for the second round if she was accepted - and she passed the first round. Using fake IDs, her maid provided, the two planned to run away when her family would visit another planet within DGTO range. While running away, her maid was believed to kidnap her as her ties to the deliverance just had been unveiled by an insider. Eventually, she was shot while the two escape and her last words told Elise to join AKB0048 and fullfill the two's dreams.

Following the second round of the auditions, she was accepted into AKB0048.


In the SC0126 election, Elise placed eleventh with 12'107'398 votes. She expressed strong support for her generation and the desire for all of them to reach senbatsu level.

In the Unit Taikai, she formed a unit with various members, Pentagram, which lost in round one to RisingQ. While having hoped to win a spot on the single, Elise was aware that they were competing with senior members.

Team History

154th Generation154th Generation & Team B

Joined the 154th Generation of Trainees (SC0125.04.25)
Promoted to Team B (SC0126.01.26)




Elise, written as エリーゼ, is a French name meaning Consecrated to God.

Her title, Aya-no-Miya, written as 彩宮あやのみや, is commonly translated as Princess Aya. あや can be translates as colour hue.

The surname she commonly uses, Ayana, is written as 彩名あやな. あや is taken from her title while translates to na.

Elise is her actual given name where as Princess Aya (彩宮) is more like a title. Until joining 0048, Elise was only used by her siblings and close friends whereas everyone else refered her as Princess Aya. Elise later used the "Aya" in her self-made surname. She originall thought about using 彩宮 as surname with another reading but was advised not to do that because it's very obvious.

Elise doesn't mind being called by her title and is fine with being called Elise-chan (エリーゼちゃん), Elise-san (エリーゼさん) and Elise-sama (エリーゼ様) by friends and fans depending on their relationship. She doesn't like just being called Elise when speaking Japanese, but apepars to be fine with being called Elise by friends when speaking other languages. By fans, she is mostly called Aayan (あーやん). Because of her appearance and background, she is also often called Snow White or Shirayukihime (白雪姫/しらゆきひめ) which has become somewhat of a title. Her com name is Crown.


  • "I'm 0048's Snow White, Elise. It is truly a pleasure to meet you." - Elise's Introduction Catchphrase



  • Favorite New Era Song: Tsugi no Crown
  • Audition Song: Sekai ni wa Aishikanai
  • Favorite Color: Carmine
  • Penlight Color: Gold
  • Charm Point: Eyelashes
  • Special Skill: Poetry, Violin
  • Elise usually refers herself as "Watakushi" (私).
  • She shares her voice actress with Ooruri Ayami, a character of the idol anime Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, Rinne, a character of the idol anime Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live, Yumizuru Eleonora, a character in the video game Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE which is about idols and several other anime characters.
  • Her appearance is based on the fairytale Snow White.
  • Her favorite song, Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai, is her favourite becase of the poetry reading.
  • Her kirara resembles an apple and a globus cruciger.
  • The tiara in her eyes represent her royal heritage.
  • She likes skylines by night time.
  • She's been implied to be not straight various times.
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