English Name Atamistar
Japanese Name アタミスター
Alignment AEPS

Atamistar (アタミスター) is a planet within the AEPS. AKB0048 frequently does gravure and PV shoots here. It is the home planet of Takahashi Minami the 7th, Ito Hotaru and Takaine Miyako.


Atamistar consists largely of ocean with islands dotted around. The sea is a beautiful blue colour, and large portions of it has gone untouched by man. The climate is also mild all year round, which makes Atamistar a prime vacation spot.

AKB0048 frequently uses Atamistar as location for gravure shoots and promotional videos due to the beautiful environment.
Even though it is currently part of the AEPS, it was under D.G.T.O. rule during a period in the past. The ban still has a little affect onto the planet's life, albeit the effects almost disappeared in the last 75 years.

Life on the planet is affected by the sea quite a bit. The native population is rather low when compared to other planets, due to lack of living space. Almost all of Atamistar's native residents are very adept swimmers, being able to hold their breath for very long periods of time and being completely at ease in water due to being raised around large amounts of it. Swimming is a mandatory course in school the school system separate from P.E. to further achieve this and lower accident rates.

Culinary traditions on the planet have also been the topic of many a discussion, as some sources claim that traditional food on the planet is no different than other places, while other sources have claimed that that is pure blasphemy...

Important citizens

Important locations

  • The Beaches


  • Atamistar is based off of, both name wise and generally, the real life place of Atami in Japan.

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