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(Korean : 애슐리 스노우)
Ashley Snow
Ashurii Sunoo
( Korean : aesyulli seunou)
Matsui Rena the 9th.png
General Information
Age 17 (SC0126 )
Birthday September 4th
Home Planet Koreastar
Aquastar (originally)
Eye Colour black
Hair Colour Black
Height 5'3
Familial information
Siblings Chizu Snow
Idol information
Successor Name Matsui Rena the 9th
Generation 151st Generation
Oshimen 151st Generation
Takahashi Minami the 7th
Other information
User Lilylight
Hex Code #008B8B

" Just be yourself, and everything will be alright ."

Ashley Snow (Born September 4th SC110 ) better known as Bun Bun ,is a solo-singer,and actress( Korean,and Japanese ),and Youtube Vlogger. She is now based in Koreastar, but born on Aquastar. She is officially affiliated with SYM Entertainment. She was a member of AKB0048's Team A, and former member of the 151st generation.

She decided to graduate early as she wanted to explore another kind of entertainment and to pursue her dreams in acting.

Her first solo album was revealed on March 4th SC0126 to the world called "My Wonder Place". This officially meant that Ashley would debut in Korestar, and to the world again


Her hair color is black as well as her eye color. After graduating from 00, she let her hair grow back again. Ashley is tanish considering she's from Aquastar as it's very sunny in her planet. She cares about her appearance when she's out in the public, but when she's in her own room she really doesn't care about it at all. People call her Bun Bun (cute name for Bunny) because she has bunny teeth.

Like all members who have graduated from 00, Ashley has diamond hearts on her hair and eyes.

Ashley wore plain white boots, and a purple dress to the second round of the 151st Generation audition.

Two months after her graduation, everything changed for Ashley Snow. On Seventeen magazine it was revealed that Ashley had lost major weight, from 168lbs to 141lbs. Fans began to worry if there was a reason for her major weight loss. Ashley responded when about the topic when she was in Talk T show, she stated "I feel that I need to be healthier and take care of my body right and I didn't feel like I was myself with all the weight that I was carrying. Please don't worry about me, I'm okay. I'm just going through a major change in my life."
A news articled even commented on the subject of her weight loss: "Is it her that's changing herself or is it the company?" She immediately responded to the news article "Please don't say such thing without any evidence of this sort of matter. It's very disrespectful of you all to say such things to me, and to the company."

After a week of her major weight loss scandal, Ashley's hair finally grew back to her usual hair growth that she always liked, and she decided that it was finally time to do something with her hair. The next day it was revealed that she permanently dyed her hair from black to light brown wavy hair.

After days went on afterwards, Ashley started wearing makeup for everyday, though she wears natural and more subtle makeup as she's still young and beautiful.

Ashley began to notice in her closet that she's been only wearing things that are to girly and outfits that seemed to say to her "You need a boyfriend". She immediately decided that it was time for her to change her clothing style . Now she wears outfits from Chanel ,and outfits that are a young women kind of style . The outfits that wears now finally make her say "This is me and I'm comfortable in this kind of outfit " .



Ashley is an energetic, happy, trustworthy, bright and cheery type of girl who loves the world. She wants the other members to be happy and smile too. She always believes that the world would be better and happy for AKB0048 and wants others to get along. She is a nice, fun girl but she is not a push over. She will stand up for herself and the team. While being a member her personality changed she still would be nice but she would sometimes act spoiled at times


Idol History

151st Generation -> 151st Generation & Team 00 -> 151st Generation & Team A -> Team A -> Graduated (SC0125) -> SYM ENTERTAINMENT Actor & Solo artist

Before Joining

Ashley lived and grew up as a rich young girl in Aquastar, and though her life seemed all luxury and high class, she felt like something was missing in her life. She realized it was friends and music. She went to private school, but she was very anti-social as she had always been very careful of others.


Ashley has a mom and a dad, two older brothers and one younger sister. She is the third child of the family. Ever since she was 5, she had always dreamed of being in AKB0048 and to make her dream came true, she practice singing and dancing until the audition started. Her family really loves AKB0048. She was born and raised in Aquastar a tropical and advanced planet.

She went to a rich private school in Aquastar. One of her brothers is strong and popular, and the other popular. In comparison, Ashley was cast out as a nobody and she only had a few friends. The capital of Aquastar is Sapphire Night. Her parents live in Electro its 10 miles from the capital her friends were two guys and three girls.

Joining AKB


When she was going threw the audition she made a new friend Name Zoey they got along very well and they promised each other that they would be in AKB and they did

When Ashley heard that they were auditioning she got so excited then auditioned and passed the first round. She manage to pass with hard work and passion for singing. Every night she would still practice until she gets it right (after the audition she promised to herself that she would be Center Nova and disappear no matter the challenge she face) she met Akari Miru and Zoey in Micsaber training

when she got to the dorms for the first time she found her room and shared with Akari and Zoey a year later Zoey succeed Akimoto Sayaka and left to another Ashley sleeps on the left side on the bottom bed she has a bunch of plushies of 5 of 00 members and 2 bunnies plushies and one panda one her bed she has some photos stuck in the wall she has a music box next to her and a laptop as well

She met alot of great Members in 00 after Zoey's succession her grandmother sent her a package it was Ashley music box that she had when she was little it only played 3 songs it would make Ashley happy when she crying she has it next to her bed her Kirara also like Ashley's music box in the Early results of the General elections she came in 5th place she always want to improve and get closer to her fans

Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC 0123


As the sousenkyo was announced , Ashley was worried that her ranking decreased but she actually improved a little bit to 4th place , she planned her speech she said " thank you Thank you all for Voting for me I fell so happy and I promise to all of my fan that I won't stop until I'm at first ranking I will be number and be Center Nova !!!!!! " while she was saying her speech her Kirara was slowing glowing until she said Center Nova that's when her Kirara shine so brightly Sayaka was surprised but she knew that it was Ashley's wish A week after Ashley was getting serious She did more micsaber training ,fighting training and but she still having fun she soon in the fist stage of newly form Team 00 , she will always be there for her team when she heard that there having Audition for 00 for the 152 generation she was super excited I wonder who going to pass and Join 00 will soon find out

Team Shuffle


It happened during the concert in New Tokyo Dome where Hikari the current Manger and Producer of AKB0048 decided that Takayama Ai,would be current captain of Team A and Shino Hoshina would be current Co- Captain of Team A ,Hikari also decided that Akimoto Sayaka would be Team Captain of Team K like the original Akimoto Sayaka and the Co-captain Masuda Akari and the Ace Miyabi Honoka as Hikari was going through the list she decided that Ashley would be on Team A

AKB0048 564th Single Senbatsu Jyanken Taikai


The event was held in Tokyo New Dome where some of 00 special performance are held this event was called 564th Single Senbatsu Jyanken Taikai tournament as Ashley had made to the first round she lost to Shiraki Chiyo (Kenkyuusei of 152nd Generation ) Ashley won in 9th place in Jyanken Taikai

152nd and 153rd

Rena wasn't involved in the Auditions and she was just doing normal idol things


Ashley now known as Rena the 9th had an illness as she was not able to Preform or move at all she had her fever after the concert and lasted about 5 due during the final day it was announced that would be intitle to the name and had succeed on being named Matsui Rena or Matsui Rena the 9th her speech "Hey hey hey everyone how are you all doing today ,Welcome to Ashy snow succession concert pure fresh start I am really happy that you all came here to see this important day for 00 history and for the original successor , ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed on becoming a 00 member and now I can, I've been working proud and hard to get this first ,I also liked to thank each member and staff ans the fans for making this concert super amazing , each and everyone one of my fans gave me strength to wake up and continue preforming for everyone this incredible name and nickname that my parents ,fans and members that gave me will be cherished but now I am proud to hold this name until my gradation say hello to .....Matsui Rena!!! "said Rena

Graduation announcement

On March 4th SC0125.Matsui Rena the 9th officially announced her graduation during Kazakhstar concert on the 3rd MC.Here's what she said Hello,everyone how's everyone doing today ?". Everyone replies back with different words " Glad to hear it .Ever since I was a little girl I've watch AKB0048 on my computer ,and imagined myself being on stage with wonderful people and members l,and now here I am on stage with wonderful people and members who I will cherish forever "Rena giggles again " But now I have something to say to you all and everyone in AKB0048...it's been two years since I became an understudy since I join 00,but it's now time for me to go and explore the world ". The crowd had gotten confused about what Rena had said " I,Matsui Rena the 9th well after this Ashley Snow;will be graduating from AKB0048 "Rena smiling

About two days after the graduation announcement.Fans of AKB0048 continued to question why Matsui Rena the 9th had to leave AKB0048 early.Some people say Rena didn't like some of the members,but she stated that she loves her members as if they were her own sisters.Others say SYM forced her ,or they're problems with her family back on Aquastar and Rena stated " Those are simply lies ".No one will really know why Matsui Rena the 9th left AKB0048 early.

After Graduation


Succession Concerts~♥

Mariko Shinoda the 12th -Komari Revolution!, Wasn't a member but she watched her at home and enjoyed her concert

Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Rebirth of a life, her BFF enjoyed her concert

Sato Amina the 6th - Sayuri Bloom! , The concert was great ,graduated

Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Akane Resonance! , had her concert after she became a Kenkyuusei

Maeda Atsuko the 19th - Shino Hoshina's Succession Debut

Takahashi Minami the 7th - Ai wo Shinjiteru , had her concert after 564th Single Jyanken Taikai

Matsui Rena the 9th - Her succesion'

Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Tomoka restart

Sashihara Rino the 11th - Chiyo Make Up! Enjoyed preforming

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Mei-sama no Coronation

Kodama Haruka the 8th - Nami no Upgrade.Became very annoying to the members as she was shouting very crazy .

Erika Ikuta the 11th - Kimi wa Melody


" I want to shine brighter than any Generation or successor and the originals" too,I will practice and Practice until then

"Every living thing is Precious and has it's own beat and Rhythm just listen carefully "

"Its a New day and its a New life "

"thank you Thank you all for Voting for me I fell so happy and I promise to all of my fan that I won't stop until I'm at first ranking I will be number and be Center Nova !!!!!! " - 1st SSK

" Come on DES lets play a game I'll start " -Says Ashley to the DES when she in the LAS

" I never say good bye to the fans cause I'll always be back to sing and shine and never leave them until my day has come to leave " - ( Ashley replying to a comment, Chiyo Chiyo made.)

"My spell won't be removed until a new day has begun ,I'm Team A's member Matsui Rena ,it's very nice to meet you " ( after succession )

" But today's a new day,right ?. So lets get focus on positivity " Rena

" T-Thank you everyone for being here on this day.Even though this day is sad just think of happy thoughts,and the sadness will just go away" Rena bows at the fans one last time " Thank you to the members for being here with me,and thank you for supporting me though of the year"Rena looks at her soon to be former members "Thank you for always being there for me through the saddess,and happiest time.I will never forget you all "


Ashley - " Lives in the ash tree grove "

Snow - " brisk, fresh, pure, evocative ,and magical."

Public Appearances

  • [Majisuka Gakuen 00] plays as Mary
  • Love Love Melody - Her character plays the friend of the main character.Her character is not much active in the series.Character is Allegro
  • Protocol Magi :ORIGIN;plays as Hikawa Naomi / Numina

  • AKBingo- AKB0048
  • [Majisuka Gakuen 00]
  • Love Love Melody : Finding love in a music academy
  • Planet know it all : Guest starred in the show as the topic had been about Aquastar with Sayaka and another person.
    • Protocol Magi :ORIGIN;Mashiro Mitsu is an average girl living in the town of Hanabi with the same worries as every other girl her age, albeit with a strange interest. Her life makes a 180 degree turn when the theories she has had that were doubted by most of her surroundings are proven true when she meets a living embodiment of her interest; A magical girl. Now filled with new purpose, Mashiro Mitsu sets out to figure out who this Magical Girl actually is - and possibly how to become one herself.

    Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC 0123 - 1 time early results 5th place final results 4th place

    Janken Taikai - 1st Time Rank 9 lost to [Rino Sashihara the 11th]

    2nd time 567th Single Jyanken Taikai : Ranked 3rd place.Lost to [Shimazaki Haruka the 11th]

    • AKB0048 Singles
    • Majisuka Gakuen 00
    • Entertainment
    • Dell new software system
    • Cho Cho yum yum : Chocolate milk commercial


  • Kaiko Snow - Mother .Ashley feels that her mother is her best friend.Her mother was the real reason why Ashley would want to become an entertainer in the first place . Her mother always supports Ashley decision ( unless it's a very bad/poor decision ) .
    • Hiro Snow - Her and her father have complex kind of relationship.Sometimes they would argue and sometimes they would love each other like father and daughter .Though her father absolutely denied Ashley's decision to join AKB0048 and become an entertainer, because he knew the difficulties that came with pursuing the career in the entertainment business . After two years past by,Ashley proved her father wrong that she can make it into the entertainment world . After the scandal that had happened for Ashley about her major weight lost and her major changes to herself,he began to worry for his own daughters health . He supports his daughter,but still worries about her health .
    • Raymon snow- Oldest brother.During the two years of Ashley being in 00,her brother had graduated from the academy. He's pursuing his dreams in being a attorney,Ashley admires the hard work her older does to achieve his own dreams in life.Over the years they still fight for the most idiotic things,but hey,they're siblings . Her brother also became worrisome on her sisters health. His favorite member in AKB0048 is still Takahashi Minami the 7th due to her hard work and her leadership.He thanks Takamina for guiding his little sister through the bad and worse times . 4 years older
    • Hiroshi Snow- The second oldest brother .They're relationship is better than any of their siblings.He's at his last years high school,He still doesn't know what he wants to pursue as his major .She would sometimes miss her brother,but she knows that she can always call him if she needs anything or just wants to talk to him . His favorite member is still [Masuda Akari]]. 2 years older

    • Chizu snow- The youngest child and little sister . After Chizu grew she realized that the only person she really has to look up to is herself.Though she loves her big sister deeply .She also wants to pursue her dreams in entertainment( singing ). Like her sister before she graduated.She has hearts on her eyes indicating that she would be a future member of 00.She worries for her big sister sometimes even from the scandal that her sister had . 1 year younger

    • Mikazuki Snow- Grandmother .Her grandmother finally owns her own gardening store,Ashley admires and love that she followed her owns dreams.She is so proud how far Ashley came .
    • Kyo Snow- Grandfather. He passed away a week after Ashley had graduated from AKB.She always misses her grandfather,but she always knows that he is always their.Her grandfather is proud to have a daughter like Ashley and Chizu .

    They're all males who fight for human affection

    • Buddy
    • Oliver
    • Jack
    • Mamaoru -He's the protector,and eldest of the group.He's basically the leader of the bunch that keeps the other dogs in check.
    • Chin-Hae
    • Courage
    • Dae-Hyun
    • Dexter
    • Memzo- He's literally a meme.
    • Dragon - He's lazy.
    • Rabbit
    • Hyuk- Radiant.This dog was recently brought in to the Snow family,when her family came to visit her in Koreastar.He's currently a puppy.He's super adorable and gets most attention

    • Emily Santiago -She was Ashley good friend back at Aquastar
    • Mike Matsui - He still has feeling for Ashley but he could never tell her before she left for 00 and one day will tell her

  • Sung Youngmin : He is principal founder and chief executive officer of SYM Entertainment. Sung Young min was on of the reasons why Ashley had left AKB0048 to pursue another( realistic ) dream.Their relationship with each other is very quite well,they respect with each others decisions and communicate well as Sung Young min is the boss of Ashley.How they met was a video chat when Ashley had her day off from preforming.Sung Young min had been very interested in Ashely,Soung Young min watch Ashley performances during an AKB0048,finally he decided that he wanted Ashley Snow join SYM Entertainment.
  • Jim king Park : Ashley's manager
  • Kim So-young :An old AKB0048 member,Her generation had been 148th Generation.After four years of joining AKB0048;she succeed Kojima Haruna,and became the 11th person to succeed this name.After leaving AKB0048;she returned to Koreastar to pursue her dreams in modeling and acting .Currently,she is one of the top 20 models of Korestar.She's 27 years old.She lasted 6 years in AKB.She lasted 5 years in AKB.Her nicknames in 00 were(as being Kojima Haruna ) Nyan Nyan(にゃんにゃん)and Kojiharu(こじはる),and before being a succesor but still being called as Cure Sunshine (キュアサンシャイン),and Sunny.Everyone in SYM Entertainment calls her Sunny for being upbeat,and happy (SC0125 )

    • Kim Yi Yuki ::An old AKB0048 member,Her generation had been 149th Generation.After 1 year of joining AKB0048;she succeed Meada Ami the 5th.Atfer leaving she decided to go to Koreastar and debut in Acting.She's 25 years old (SC0125 ).
    • JUNGSAEMMOOL cosmetics: Rosa Jungsaem and Kimora Mool are the founders of this cosmetic company as their both professional makeup artist.This had been Ashley's first project after her graduation.This project was most viewed .
    • Barahona Ryuu - (male ) A member of SG8(Sibling Generation 8, The era of generation of 8).Ryu is a good friend of Ashley,they met during their training in becoming idols .They both debuted at the same time.Though Ryu became a member of SG8 as Ashley became a solo artist. Ashley ships Ryu with Takahashi Jing(male ) as Rying .Ryu was under training for 5 years.He is the second youngest member in SG8.


    After Graduation

    Solo songs

    • Bun bun-ilaneun ileum (The names BunBun)
    • 24/7 e heaven ( 24/7 to heaven)
    • New Day New Life( Korean version)
    • Show the world
    • Close up
    • Nabi ( Butterfly )
    • FLY
    • nalo taeeonassda.( Born to be me )
    • CRUSH
    • segyeleul jibae ( Rule the world )


    Ashley's Art ==

    Ashy stuff idols dolls

    there hand made dolls by Ashy



    its a free banned planet the planet is a tropical and a little advance .In Aquastar people go there for vacation AKB sang where the capital is Sapphirenight.your apprentice matters when your getting a job

    theirs a true story about Aquastar every 50 years the capital shines Really bright and it spreads around the planet and the ocean reacts to the Aurora and the ocean melody and the tone but the reason why it sings is because of the whales

    A War

    Ten thousand years ago Aquastar a world war between the humans and creatures that were called the Sengels the Sengels were created through generic engineering 100 women 100 men 100 young lady's and 100 young men. there were 300 that were still unborn Ashley's alot grandmother was one of the Sengels but she didn't have a name just a number she was number 25 . 3 years later the Sengels disagreed to becoming battle weapons so all the Sengels escaped and they all took the unborn children as well and destroyed the building one of the Sengels teleported them to a deserted island each Sengel has its own ability Ashley's grandmother is able to control the wind 3 years later a war began the humans brought a massive army Zoeys grandfather was a human and was in the war. the Sengels didn't care after all they were created to become an elete battle weapon Ashley's grandmother took half of the army to 50 were the strongest and she was one of them 2 years later she lost 100 of her friend in the war 2 years later a Female Sengel. number 10 and a male human. named Katsu mimori fell in love during the war against each other . 3 weeks later the sengel and the human ran away from the war the eldest Sengel number 1 who was a Female and number 2 who was a male they send a search party to find her 3 weeks later they found they Sengel and the human The eldest Sengel was furious at her they almost kill the human until number 10 stop them she said " for the first time she felt happiness please don't eliminate him I love him" after a while number 1 agreed and let him live for now . soon the humans found Katsu a d almost destroyed number 10 but he stop them from killing her he said the same thing And the head chief agreed but he said if they broke up they would start the war again until they win but they never broke up and soon Katsu proposed to number 10 soon she name herself Mayumi 2 years later Kathy and Mayumi married Ashley's grandmother was so happy.and she changed her name to Lillyian after they married the Sengels and the humans became at peace Humans married Sengels , Sengels married Sengels and Humans married Humans. Soon Ashley's grandmother married a human named Hiro Snow they soon had 3 children and they adopted one of the Sengels they were unborn but now they children that were born from now they can only unlock there power. with a true.kiss from a true love most of the Sengels left the planet and to go to other planets. the war had ended and they were at peace

    they speak Indonesian combined with Chinese and Japanese


    • Hobbies: drawing and listening to music
    • Favorite things :muffin and watermelon ,pandas and bunnies,winter and spring and science( Astronomy ),red and blue
    • Instruments: piano,violin and harp,guitar
    • Favorite planets :Aquastar , Akibastar,Maiamistar,Sakaestar,Jakartastar,Nambastar,Hakatastar,Neptuniastar,Koreastar
    • She has her own Kirara and one of a kind which is a blue Heart angel
    • she doesn't like to wear heavy-makeup
    • Favorite book is the Akibastar : For our Freedom and the Center Nova facts and Fairy tale land
    • she a vlog and has more than 500 subs
    • She is a type of person who you don't want her to be disturb when she sleeping at midnight.
    • she loves sewing and making stuff animals and dolls ,she loves making stuff dolls
    • When she has days off don't have plans she goes a hospital to cheer the kids and adults up who are sick or injured
    • Favorite Movie :The Wind Rises , and When Marnie Was There.
    • Languages she can speak;Japanese ( fluent) Yìndù guō (Aquastar's language ) (fluent),and Korean(Great)
    • She can hold her notes for 15 seconds in high pitch form in #B5
    Current Staff Motomiya Hikari (Manager, Producer), Kuroki Erika (Presenter), Hashimoto Ayumi (Dance Instructor), Akiyama Tamotsu (Janitor), Akamine Kazuto (Vocal Instructor), Shirokami Yuki (Fashion Designer)
    Former Staff Shino Hoshina (Part time worker)
    Current Successors Takahashi Minami the 7th, Sashihara Rino the 11th, Shimazaki Haruka the 11th, Kodama Haruka the 8th, Eguchi Aimi the 4th, Hirate Yurina the 7th, Minegeshi Minami the 7th, Matsui Jurina the 8th, Watanabe Mayu Type 5, Imaizumi Yui the 14th, Maeda Atsuko the 20th
    Graduates Kagawa Sayuri (Sato Amina the 6th), Ashley Snow (Matsui Rena the 9th), Shino Hoshina (Maeda Atsuko the 19th), Shibuya Komari (Shinoda Mariko the 12th), Ooto Melody (Ikuta Erika the 11th), Takematsu Tomoka (Kuramochi Asuka the 13th), Zoey Bright (Akimoto Sayaka the 15th), Akagi Yahiru (Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th), Asami Mirai (Nakai Rika the 15th)
    150th Generation
    Current Members Inoue Megumi, Takanashi Yukari, Hoshimiya Aoi, Hoshikawa Rei, Itano Tomorin, Hikami Yumeko, Ito Hotaru, Samuikaze Ran, Harune Diamond , Taiyamoto Akano
    Promoted to Successors Shibuya Komari, Kagawa Sayuri, Takayama Ai
    Graduates Yomohiro Haruko, Yomohiro Kirara, Suzuno Natsuki, Suzuno Sakura
    151st Generation
    Current Members Asahina Miru
    Promoted to Successors Zoey Bright, Ashley Snow, Masuda Akari, Miyabi Honoka, Kashita Miyagi
    Graduates None
    152nd Generation
    Current Members Aozora Kokone, Honda Hibiki, Tsubasa Diana, Itano Tomoko, Makori Ririka
    Promoted to Successors Kashita Akane, Shino Hoshina, Shiraki Chiyo, Kimura Mei, Matsuto Nami
    Graduates Kaido Mio (Graduated before her debut), Tomoe Yuki
    153rd Generation
    Current Members Ryuuzaki Miyoko, Nakahara Monica, Masaki Amarie, Amaya Jia
    Promoted to Successors Takematsu Tomoka, Ooto Melody, Murasaki Alisa, Asami Mirai
    153.5th Generation Akiba Airi, Hatsune Hikari
    Graduates Ikeda Itsuki
    154th Generation
    Current Members Itou Haruki, Tomone Kaoru
    Promoted to Successors Takaine Miyako, Kobayashi Griselda, Kasumi Yuuna
    154.5th Generation Chibana Miko, Aiwara Kurumi, Nagase Yuuri, Koizumi Ayaka, Shiratama Mayu, Natsuki Hotaru
    Graduates Ayana Elise, LaLa Rue, MoYoung Marian
    155th Generation
    Current Members Amuro Yuhane, Arisugawa Mikoto, Chiba Miku, Kamiyama Mako, Kaname Reina, Kawano Namia, Kumotani Julie, Mizu Kaguya, Ogawa Norah, Sengawa Kagome, Tachibana Elisabeth, Tobina Riko, Utau Ruby, Yozora Yoko, Yukino Hajime, Yutaka Binatsu
    Promoted to Successors None
    Graduates Lee Hana, Yokoyama Asuna, Angelica Bianchi, Hoshizora Himawari, Chizu Snow, Mana Kotoko