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Ashita wa Kitto Kuru
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Single/Album Ashita wa Kitto Kuru
Kanji 明日はきっとくる
English Tomorrow surely comes
Romaji ashita wa kitto kuru
Artist Kashita Miyagi
Lyrics S-Quadruple
Released SC0125.06.01

Ashita wa Kitto Kuru (明日はきっとくる, Tomorrow surely comes) is Kashita Miyagi's third solo single. The main song is the opening theme of Jane Doe.

CD Information

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  1. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru (明日はきっとくる)
  2. Kimi no Inai Sekai (君のいない世界)
  3. Sorezore no Senjou (それぞれの戦場)
  4. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Off Vocal
  5. Kimi no Inai Sekai Off Vocal
  6. Sorezore no Senjou Off Vocal


  1. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Music Video
  2. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Making Off


  1. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru (明日はきっとくる)
  2. Kimi no Inai Sekai (君のいない世界)
  3. Star
  4. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Off Vocal
  5. Kimi no Inai Sekai Off Vocal
  6. Star Off Vocal


  1. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Music Video
  2. Kimi no Inai Sekai Music Video


  1. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru (明日はきっとくる)
  2. Kimi no Inai Sekai (君のいない世界)
  3. PSYCHO / MiyaMiya
  4. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Off Vocal
  5. Kimi no Inai Sekai Off Vocal
  6. PSYCHO Off Vocal


  1. Ashita wa Kitto Kuru Music Video
  2. PSYCHO Music Video






希望の微かな光 君を覚えてる



でも ずっと あなたを信じた

何が起こるか あなたをまもるよ

なのに あなたは私に無関係に近づいた

私の顔で 笑顔が現れる
もう一度 あなたの手をつかむの時



Mappiruma wa sora wo terasu no toki
Shinseiji no hoshi no chikara de
Kitto tsudzuki wa kuru

Saidai no zetsubou no shunkan ni
Watashi ga akirameta wo shinjita
Anata wa watashi wo hitori de satta
Kibou wo shouhi shita yami no naka de

Saishuu BOOM de
Jigoku no honou ga fukkatsu suru
Kikai wo hakai shita
Mata au koto wa nai to shitteita

Ashita wa kurenai yo
Anata wo mitsuketa to shite mo,
Anata wa watashi wo kirai da ne
Watashi no narunda jibun dakara
Dochira mo kawatta
Issho ni iru koto wa muri

Watashi no sekai ga owatta no toki
Dono kurai maboroshi no kage ni ikiru no ka?
Kibou no kasukana hikari kimi wo oboeteru

Kurai roji ni tatte,
Anata ni shizuka ni shitagau
Watashi ni jinsei o ataeru yuiitsu no mono wa,
Anata no kokoroda yo

'Watashi wa koko da yo' wo sakebitai
Shikashi, watashi wo osaenakereba naranai
Sore irai anata ga tsukutte kita jinsei
Hakai suru ishi wo motteinai

Ashita no imi ga nai
Anata wa awareta made
Watashi ga tsukutta jinsei no maboroshi no naka de
Anata ni yokotawatte osoroshikatta
Demo zutto anata wo shinjita
Watashi no shin'nen no ma ni tsukamatta

Shugo tenshi ni naritaita
Zettai ni watashi ni kidzukanaide
Nani ga okoru ka anata wo mamoru yo

Dakeredomo, omoikiri de anata wo saketa
Nanoni anata wa watashi ni mukankei ni chikadzuita
Me wo chuuibukaku mite,
Ano kiokutachi wa kaesu

Nenrei ga agatte hajimete
Watashi no kao de egao ga arawareru
Mou ichido anata no te wo tsukamu no toki
Anata wa watashi he jinsei no kiseki o hyouji suru

Ashita wa kitto kuru
Kidzuita no toki no naka de
Hatsu mieta no toki datta
Sora wa mada aoi
Sora wa inochi wo shitsu nattenai

Saishuu teki ni tatakau watashi no ishi wa modotta

The time, the broad daylight illuminates the sky
With the power of a new-born star
Surely, a continuation will follow

In the moment of greatest despair
I truly believed, I gave up
That you had left me alone
In the darkness that consumed my hope

The flames of hell destroyed
The chance to return
With the final 'boom',
I knew that we'd never see again

Tomorrow will not come
Even if I would find you,
Wouldn't you hate me
For what I've become?
We both changed
Being together is impossible

The time, my world ended
How long do I live in the shadows of illusions?
But, I remember a faint light of hope, you

Standing in a dark alleyway,
I follow you silently
The only thing that gives me life
Is your beating heart

I want to shout "I'm here!"
But I have to restrain myself
The life, you've build since then
I don't have the heart to destroy it

Tomorrow is meaningless
Until you appeared
In the illusion of life, I build
Lying to you was horrible
But I also believed in you

I wanted to be your guardian angel in the shadows
You should never notice me at any chance
Whatever would happen, I will protect you

Even though, I avoided you with all might
You approached me either way, clueless
Looking into our eyes closely,
All those memories returned

For the first time since ages
A smile formed on my face
As I was holding your hand again
You showed me the miracle of life again

Tomorrow will surely come
I saw it for the first time
When I realized
That the sky was still blue
That it hadn't lost its life

My will to fight finally returned

MV Synopsis

White words are written on a black background.

The sound of rain appears, and a person (presumably male) whose face is not shown stands in it. A black umbrella protects him from the rain, but not from the mud that is already on his shoes. He steps towards a grave stone - he is on a graveyard. The words "Memento Mori never mattered".

A remix of the instrumental plays while Miyagi strolls through the streets of a rainy day of a metropolis. She skips, hums - despite the bad weather, the traffic and everyone else's expression. She stumbles over the curb, almost falling on the road, but someone catches her - the faceless person. Miyagi thanks him, smiles and leaves - the person reaches out for her, but the screen blurs.

Miyagi is shown humming while watching a big screen on a crossroad. She seems to dance a bit and hums the melody of the song again. With the camera mimicking his view, the faceless person taps on her shoulder to gain her attention.

"Huh?" Miyagi is surprised - the faceless person most likely spoke. "What I am doing?" She heartfully laughs. "I am practising! Someday, I want to cheer everyone on too!" The camera shifts to the screen on the skyscraper that displays an idol dancing; her face too isn't shown.

The starry sky, moving in fast motion changing, is shown. Suddenly, the sounds of the city in the distance turn silent and the sky is strangely illuminates - like from car lights. The big screen behind her first shows a star exploding, then a calendar flipping quickly.

Again, the graveyard is shown. Other people are present too, but no one notices the faceless person.

Miyagi stands on the crossroad - this time on the road itself. Cars are crossing next to her; they seem to ignore her - she isn't present. Miyagi sings the intro of the song; the sun rises behind her quickly.

Miyagi and the faceless person are together at the beach. Miyagi laughs while the song continues and dances in the sea breeze. She wears casual clothes again and jumps up into the air, creating a light effect with the sun in the background. The jump is slow motion, and the final frame - Miyagi smiling while jumping, turns black-white.

Wearing the angel uniform of the song, Miyagi stands on the skyscraper, performing the refrain with many fireworks in red exploding behind her. The rain becomes stronger and turns into a storm. Eventually, she can't continue on - lightning flashes behind her.

Flashes of cars from the ground, the sounds of traffic and cards echo.

The crossing is empty, and Miyagi simply stands on it, glaring at the camera that is presumably the faceless person. Suddenly, she smiles sadly and a single tear leaves her eye. She brushes it away, forcing her smile to look more cheerfully. The wind blows heavily. On all screens, she is seen performing in the angel costume. She starts to reach out for the camera, but stops. Sadness returns to her expression.

Bright flashes fill the screen and reveal a crowd of people trying to snap a picture of someone while the faceless person watches from the distance. Miyagi notices the person and smiles; she waves in the direction, but stops in the motion. Everything except her expression freezes and she saddens. The motion returns and Miyagi turns the wave into a wave to the crowd, ignoring the distant viewer.

The lights fade, showing Miyagi standing on the skyscraper. She watches the starry sky and the city at night time. She looks at something in her hand that isn't visible to the camera. The wind reminds her of where she is; she freezes. She looks around and moves to the exit. Her hand was empty from the beginning on.

Once again, now in sepia, Miyagi dancing on the beach - now at a jetty is shown. She stops in motion, closes her eyes and enjoys the sea breeze. Her expression turns serious and she turns to the camera. With tears in her eyes, she seems to try to say something. Eventually, she cries and runs off - the camera striking the faceless person shortly.

The scene rewinds to Miyagi standing alone on the jetty, staring at the clouds in the blue sky. The camera circles around her while she sings the second refrain. She starts walking towards the end. She takes another step, despite the edge being close.

Images of Miyagi at places of the MV - the sideway, the crossroad, the stage on the rooftop, the TV, the beach, the jetty and generally herself are shown like camera flashes, before Miyagi is shown standing with her back to the camera. She watches the sun setting at the water's edge while singing the verses. She smiles but also cries - the camera shows her from various angles.

With the final verse before the final refrain, she starts dancing on the beach. Sky lanterns start rising to the sky. As she moves, she seems to move through the settings from before - the sky lanterns always somewhere around her.

She performs the final song with fireworks and lanterns on the crossroad, reaching out to the camera with a strong and earnest smile.

The screen turns black and a car's horn is heard.

He utters words after the song ended that remain soundless in rain on the graveyard. The song's outro interrupts.

The definition of "memento mori" appears.

noun, plural memento mori for 2.
1. Latin. remember that you must die.
2. an object, as a skull, serving as a reminder of death or mortality.

A shot of Miyagi smiling in front of a beach with a rising sun is shown. The song's final notes play afterwards.

This time on white background, black words state the dictionary definition of "tomorrow".

noun 1. the day following today
2. a future period or time

adverb 3. on the morrow; on the day following today:
4. at some future time:

The second line of the grave stone is shown.

"because I have seen tomorrow."


  • The main song has three main uniforms.
    • One of the them is an angel-princess costume, was inspired by Aikatsu!'s Star Festival Coord and Aikatsu Stars!'s Dreaming Princess Coord. Miyagi wears this uniform on her election poster in SC0125, the MV and on Type A.
    • The second uniform is used shortly in the MV, Type B's cover and during performances of the song.
    • The third uniform is used in the MV and Type C. It's based on Jane Doe's female protagonist.
  • Just like Miyagi's first two singles, the single was released on June 1st.
    • Similar to Futari no Ashiato, it also includes a MiyaMiya-Song.
  • Miyagi's favourite song of the single is PSYCHO.