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朝美 未来
Mirai Asami
Asami Mirai
Mirai KKS Uniform.png
General Information
Age 16 (SC127)
Birthday SC0110/02/09
Home Planet Eurostar
Eye Colour Coffee
Hair Colour Rust
Height 170cm
Familial information
Idol information
Successor Name Rika Nakai the 15th
Generation 153rd Generation
Agency Morning Star Entertainment
Oshimen Akimoto Sayaka the 15th
Other information
User Lilylight
Hex Code #C16E7A
Seiyuu Morohoshi Sumiere

"Who is your future~? (It's Rikachan after all~) Banned from oshihenning (aside of Sayaka!) is a command! I'm Nakai Rika the 15th!"

Mirai Asami (朝美 未来 (あさみ みらい) Asami Mirai) was a member of AKB0048's Team B and previous successor of Rika Nakai.

She graduated after Akimoto Sayaka the 15th announced hers and didn't have a reason to stay. She tried to follow her idol to Applestar, but Zoey told her it's best for them to follow their own dream.

Mirai is known for her being a too-much-energy girl. Aside from this, she is actually a quite skilled fisher on handshake events. She tries to achieve an image fittable to this. However, she usually acts before thinking about the action fitting to her aimed image.


Rika has got fluffy, rust-colored and wavy hair and coffee-brown eyes. She usually wears a short ponytail or her hair without any special hairdos. However, on handshake events, she is also seen with other styles. Without any special hairdos, it's lenght is approximately up to her chest. Her skin is pale. She usually wears clothes which are in fashion, commonly clothes which are a bit to huge for her seize. Her style varies very much. She also has got the heart-shaped shines in her eyes and on her hair.


Mirai is a smiling and open girl with much energy. She can be a bit selfish. Her on-stage character is a bit more selfish than her off-stage character, who is this too. However, both have much energy. She is good at talking and has got some fishing skills.

As well, Mirai quickly gets very nervous - even though stage performances aren't a reason for her but many other things such as handshake events. This nervousness soon disappears again. The same goes for being surprised.

Mirai is, at least off-stage, very curious about other members. She usually asks them various things she wants to know and always adds her options to it. She loves fangirling Sayaka.

As shown in several RPs, she doesn't care about her popularity a lot. This might be an effect from her general push, though.

Mirai originally planned herself to be a relatively "sexy" member, but it didn't work out very well. She continued to be rather a member with a bit too much energy but doesn't stop fishing. She doesn't have problems with gravure shots either.

She tends to roast people accidentally.


Mirai lived on Eurostar, a green planet in the pro-entertainment sphere, and thus grew up learning English before Japanese. She was living on a farm which belonged to her family close to a small village. She usually was the one to sell eggs, milk, and cheese, which the animals produced as she always was terrific in speaking to other people and persuading them.

Although she lived in a small village, she started dancing as early as she started walking. Her family's good friend was a retired choreograph who also worked for 0048 and taught her. She started going to a ballet school with two years as well. A famous and prestigious ballet school was in the nearest town that was only half an hour's drive away. She also picked up modern dance, hip hop, and other dance styles during her childhood. She used to upload dance covers on YouTube until joining AKB0048.

Mirai was often told that she was adorable in school and that she should try to be an idol. One time, her best friend had won tickets for K1's shonichi, and the girls went to Akibastar to see 0048 - the first time that she had interrupted her weekly training.


The fundamental idea of joining the casting was made quick when Mirai saw the auditions. She tried it for the 152nd Generation, but couldn’t because her phone broke before she sent her file to 0048, she wasn't able to send the file before the deadline. In the next year, she tried and succeeded.

In the prelims of the Senbatsu Sousenkyo, Mirai ranked 10th with 622 244 votes. In the final ranking, her options increased to 1 578 375. She participated in both A-sides released in SC0124


.In February, Rika won the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament and thus won Castle of Glass' center position.


  • Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048's manager and producer. Rika respects her.She's a little mad that she (Hikari) didn't put her in Sayaka's team.
  • Kuroki Erika - AKB0048's presenter. Rika respects her.
  • Hashimoto Ayumi - AKB0048's trainer. Rika respects her.
  • Akiyama Tamotsu - Dorm's Janitor.Rika doesn't know why Sayaka-senpai loves to be with Tamotsu.

  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th-Senpai.First-person in the auditions, Rika spoke to. She currently considers her as the member, she likes at most aside from Zoey.

  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th-Senpai. Captain. She respects her, but at times Paruru goes very salty for Rika's taste.
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Senpai.Co-Captain. She respects her.

  • Asami Hiro - Father. Rika has got a typical father-daughter relationship with her father. She considers him as too protective but loves him. In the beginning of the auddition rounds, her father was against Rika joining 0048.
  • Asami Haruna - Mother. Rika has got a typical mother-daughter relationship with her mother. She and her mother are close to each other.
  • Asami Mikako - Big sister. Mikako is sixteen years old and Rika does not spend much time with her, but they don't argue - at least usually. Mikako has typical adoloscent problems and Rika is, in her eyes, still a child.
  • Asami Kazuki - Little brother. Kazuki is six years old and currently believing that all girls to be evil which is why she tends to annoy Rika a lot. She tries to be nice to him though but almost always, both argue anyway.

  • Matsui Rena the 9th- Senpai.
  • Maeda Atsuko the 19th - Senpai.
  • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Senpai. Her Oshimen. She adores and follows Sayaka senpai everywhere. Sayaka doesn't know it, but she took a picture of her sleeping once, has it as her phone wallpaper.

  • Ethymology

    Her surname 朝美 can be translated as tomorrow (朝) and beautiful (美) and her given name 未来 as future. It's unknown why she is named Mirai.

    Mirai has got two nicknames which are Mirai (みらい) and Rairin (らいりん). She prefers Rairin but is called Mirai by everyone but her own fans.


  • SC0125 - 35th

  • Quotes

    • "What does everyone aim for~? (Mirai~!) Right! I'm 153rd Generation Trainee, Asami Mirai also known as Rairin~" (みんあは何を目座すの~?(みらい~!)はい~!あたしは153期生の朝美未来ことらいりんです~ / Minna wa nani wo mezasu no~? (Mirai~!) Hai~! Atashi wa 153-Kisei no Asami Mirai koto Rairin desu~) - (Mirai's Stage Catchphrase)




    K2 (Wakaku Shindara)


    • Favorite New Era Song: Cloudy
    • Favorite Color: Raspberry
    • Favorite Animal: Fish
    • Penlight Color: Pink
    • Charm Point: Personality
    • Special Skill: Fishing
    • She loves fangirling.
    • Her audition song was Warukii, however, she named it Warurin, referring her nickname Rairin.
      • Since this, she never has called the song Warukii again but always Warurin.
    • She is used to calling people by their given names because she has grown up in a very small village where everyone knew everyone.
    • She loves bubble gum ice cream.
    • She loves to watch variety shows.
    • She isn't sure about what she wants to do in her future.
    • Because she grew up in a rural area, she always gets lost in huge cities.
    • Whenever Rika was called "Mirai" by friends, she corrects them to call her "Rairin".
    • Her social media account is named @Rairin33.
    • She is afraid of the dark.
    • She is a morning person.
    • In terms of technology, she is a noob.
    • She uses the pronoun 'Atashi' (あたし) to refer herself.
    • Rika is the first member of her generation to center a single.
    • Her bangs are a single mystery.
    • Rika loves air balloons.
    • Her kirara is a raspberry air balloon.
    • She speaks English and Japanese fluently, but has problems with higher level kanji.
    • She doesn't know what she wants to become in the future. Working in Sayaka's dance school is an opinion to her.
    • She is a horrible actress.
    • She hates everything related to violence and war a lot and refuses to use weapons during guerilla lives.
    • She used to do dance covers on YouTube once a week, but stopped when joining AKB0048. She is thinking about doing it again.
    153rd Generation
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    153rd Generation
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