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Angelica Bianchi (アンジェリカ・ビアンキ/) was a member of the 155th Generation.

Along with Kobayashi Griselda. Angelica was known for being a professional Opera Singer since she was 7 years old. She is the second known opera singer to join AKB0048. She's also known as an actress, but did plays and Broadway aside from being an Opera Singer.

She graduated due to personal reasons and could no longer stay with the group.


Angelica has wavy dirty blonde hair,it reaches down to her lower back. She prefers to wear expensive clothing,but mostly she likes to wear white resembling her purity. Her eye color is Green. She's about 5'6 in height.

She'll always be seen holding a hand fan,usually covers it with her face when she's laughing


Angelica is quite intelligent and driven; she is also very loud and outspoken. She can be a very spoiled brat. She always believes that she's always the best of the best and think that everyone around isn't worth her presence unless she believes your worthy. She is a bit more selfish that she shows on stage. She is determine to get to what she wants,but not never cheats or hurt anyone else.


Angelica was born in Eurostar in the Italian part of the planet,but she moved to Spainstar when she was seven years old.


She is known for being an actress,but she mostly does plays and Broadways. She is an opera singer


Angelica has won several awards mostly in Opera.



Angelica:(アンジェリカ) Angel; Like an angel. From angelicus meaning angelic. Famous bearer: Italian poet Ariosto's 'Orlando Furioso' deals with the love of Charlemagne's paladin Orlando for Angelica.

Bianchi: (ビアンキ')'From Italian bianco meaning "white", originally given to a person who was white-haired or extremely pale.

Jelly(ゼリー) is a nickname given by Zelda

Her COM name is Demon ( 悪魔). Reason of getting this name is because of a fellow member keeps calling her that.


  • Favorite non 00 song: Scarborough fair
  • Her laugh is compared to a snobby girl(ohoho)
  • She knows how to you all sorts of guns given lesson by her father. Her most favorite is HK UMP 40
  • She shares the same birthday with Murasaki Alisa.
  • She participated in AKB0048 1st Unit Takai as a soloist. She felt weird as she did a different concept to what she's usually used to .
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