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Amuro Yuhane
Amuro Yuhane.png
Nickname(s) Yuhane (ゆはね)
Generation 155th Generation
Age 16 (as of SC0127)
Radiance Colour Dark blue
Birthday Date November 30th SC0111
Home Planet Akibastar
Hair Colour Dark blue
Favourite song N/A
Oshimen Kashita Miyagi, Miyabi Honoka
Desired Name N/A
Social media @muroyuha
Seiyuu Sawashiro Miyuki

Amuro Yuhane is a 155th Generation member. She is known as a strong fighter in her generation and is very passionate about fighting.


When she was young, she was never allowed to go outside except for schooldays, making people call her "Rapunzel". But then, when she lives with her grandmother, she's often quiet and a bit cold, but is always ready for a fight, especially against DES. She may not have the talent of dancing and singing, but she's very good at acrobatics and learning languages. Her father and mother was in a divorce through her father being a member of DES, and she now lives with her grandmother because one day, her mother was shot by her father whilst AKB0048 was performing. She then saw them again during the WMiya concert and thought "Hmm, I want to do this too." 

Personal Life

Yuhane was dianogsed with some epilpesy and some weak hearing since she is a 6-year old child, and so, it changed her school from being a private school student to a public school student, and it got cured 6 years later. But during the final song of Kobayashi Griselda succession concert, she had felt the loud music and lights hurting her again.

She gave a message through her SNS a day after the concert.

"Hi everyone. This is Amuro Yuhane, from the 155th Generation of AKB0048, and I'm not hesitated to announce something. During the succesion of Zuumin, I felt a bit frozen, and through the loud crowd and bright lights, I can't hear or see anything but dazed images and silence. Then I realised. I got it once again- my dianogses of epilpesy and nearly-deaf hearing. So I have to announce my hiatus for AKB0048. I'm sorry for letting down the fans and the members, and to Zuumin, because it felt like with this announcement, I might ruined her succession. The last time I had this was before AKB0048, and I had this dianogses for 6 years. When I came to audition for AKB0048, I had high hopes of not letting this situation happen again. Now I'm a independent 14-year old girl, and whilst my mum helped me with my first run of being dianogised, through the fans and members' support, I will cure this on my own. Thank you for supporting me during my first run as a AKB0048 member and I will see you all very soon. This is Amuro Yuhane, signing off."


Amuro Kanako:

Yuhane’s grandmother. Residenting from Akibastar for a long time, she always believed one of her relatives will be part of AKB0048 sooner. When Kanako heard that Yuhane will take part of AKB0048, Kanako wished her all the best.

Amuro Youko:

Yuhane’s mother. Youko was a overprotective woman, and really wanted to save herself in front of Yuhane, causing her death. Youko really hated her husband for going into DES.

Amuro Ren:

Yuhane’s father, and a member of DES. Ren hasn’t even known about Yuhane joining AKB0048. Ren really hated his wife for what she believed will be right for Yuhane. If he sees Yuhane again, he will try to track her to keep in touch. Yuhane, on the other hand is always remembered to not remember about her father.

Amuro Yumeko:

Yuhane’s only cousin, also known as AKB0048’s Kitahara Rie the 13th. Yuhane really likes Yumeko for her caring personality but Yumeko left her when she was very young to be a AKB0048 member.

Mizu Kaguya:

Became close during the auditions of the 155th Generation. Yuhane is interested in her.

Arisugawa Mikoto:

Mikoto and Yuhane became very close during the auditions of the 155th Generation, even though their personalities are a bit similar.

Kawano Namia:

The two are often having conversations, but Yuhane is annoyed by Namia's overpowering energy.

Nagase Yuuri:

Yuuri and Yuhane knew each other from their primary school. Yuhane understands Yuuri's cold emotions.


  • Calls her hairclip Sumire.
  • Penlight Color: Blue
  • She really liked WMiya because of their radiances being so bright and she wanted to do that as well.
  • She got her name from singer Amuro Namie and idol group Ame no Mori Kawa Umi Yamazaki Yuhane.
  • Knows gynmastics and has learned Chinese, German and English.
  • Goes to a public school.


Yuhane's kirara

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