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Jia Amaya
Amaya Jia
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General Information
Nickname(s) Jia-chan, Jia-chii, Jia
Age 16
Birthday July 7th SC0110
Zodiac Cancer
Home Planet Lancastar
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 165cm
Weight 58kg
Familial information
Parents Mother
Idol information
Team Team B
Generation 153rd Generation
Radiance Color Dark Brown
Oshimen Maeda Atsuko the 14th, Shinoda Mariko the 7th and Oshima Yuko the 9th
Desired Name Oshima Yuko
Years Active SC0124-present
(2 years)
Other information
User Jia-Chii
Hex Code #63E6C7

"I'm Amaya Jia!And I will get the Center Nova one day!Just wait and see!Yoroshiku!"

– Jia Heng's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Amaya Jia is one of a understudies of AKB0048's 153rd generation.She always love to make the others laughed.She is also known as Jia-chii


Amaya Jia had a short dark brown hair which excaty look like the shape of Acchan the 13th and 14th,but carve.She had a heart lining in her hair that shines a little bright.Her dark brown pupils also have heart lining too which glow.Her freckless on her face were across her cheeks and bridge of her hose,she also wears a black glasses too.She have teo tiget teeth in each side of her teeth,left and right.Her costume will always be long,cozy and warmBut still,she likes wearing shorts.


She is quite the chreerful girl who always makes people laughed.She sings,dance,make funny jokes just for you to smile!If the person is the first timed she ever met,she will be polite as a traditional Japanese girl,but if you are a friend of her,you can find out that she's crazy and insane.And that made her caused so many trouble to annoyed people.She's often too loud a bit clumsy,but that's OK,she's still a regular girl who wants to sing.


Jia met the AKB0048 the first time was when she 11.She was using her computer(I don't know if they have that stuff OwO),and she accidentally click on a forbid website.When she decided to quickly click away but then she hear songs and cute girls dancing around on the stage.

She was into them so much that she need to watch them in the television.But when her parents came home and saw her wating the Idol they quickly plucked it off and scolded her.Altought she had been told not to look at that ’kind' of thing again she didn't listen.She's so into them right now like they are part of her life.

And when the auditions open she's so exicted.Leaving Lancastar,hugging her mother and father saying googdbye.And she's off to the 153rd sudition for the AKB0048.





|Lucky Ranking=

  • SC0125 - #14


Amaya(雨夜)-夜means 'midnight' and 雨means 'rain'

Jia(嘉)-Just a regular name



I will love you always

Smile!Smile and smile all day!