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English Name Akibastar
Japanese Name アキバスター
Alignment AEPS

Akibastar ( アキバスター) is a planet within the AEPS and the main setting of the story. It is considered to be the home of AKB0048, and is also the home planet of several members.


Akibastar is a planet located within the AEPS, and is the Home of AKB0048. Although the surface has long since been laid to waste by war, a large underground city has been built and has become a sanctuary for fans who love entertainment. AKB0048's dormitories complete with lesson rooms and dining hall is located on this planet along with AKB0048's theater and the New Tokyo Dome. There are monuments honouring difficult and joyous times scattered about in the underground city.

Unsurprisingly, AKB0048 has a large presence on the planet, and both members and memorabilia can be seen frequently around the city. There is even a secret shrine dedicated to AKB0048 and the history of idols underneath the city, and during times of war, inhabitants of Akibastar have taken refuge within the shrine and sealed up the entrance. However, under normal conditions, only a select few are allowed into the deeper parts of the shrine and to the cave behind it.
Behind the shrine lies a cave filled with Dualium crystals and a special kind of Kirara, called the Kirara of Succession, who reflect who has the soul that is currently the closest to that of an original member.

As Akibastar has been occupied at least twice and attacked several more times by the DES and D.G.T.O. in the last 125 years, defense systems all around the planet have been updated to state-of-the-art technology to prevent another attack. Although no-one has confirmed anything, there are rumours about large dualium crystal deposits underneath the city, something some claim is the reason for attack. Others claim that the fact that AKB0048's home is located on this planet is the reason for attack. Some experts claim that it may very well be both.

As Akibastar is entirely located underground and the sky is artificial, the people of Akibastar have chosen to have the same daily rhythm as it was on Earth for traditional reasons and simplicity's sake.

Important citizens

Important locations


  • The name is a reference to Akihabara, the place where the original AKB48 is based and named off of.
  • School doesn't start in April but in January.
  • The Summer holidays start on Marine Day and last for six weeks.
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