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Airi Akiba
Akiba Airi
General Information
Nickname(s) Airin
Age 17
Birthday October 6th SC0109
Zodiac Libra
Home Planet Hallowstar
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Seafoam
Height 162.6
Weight 50kg
Familial information
Idol information
Team Team B
Generation 153.5th Generation
Radiance Color Aqua
Oshimen Shinoda Mariko the 12th
Years Active SC0124-present
(2 years)
Other information
User Shyvir
Hex Code #703B45
Seiyuu Imai Asami

"Huhuhu~ Oh, did I scare you~? I'm Airin, AKB0048's one and only spooky idol! Count on me to crawl my way to the top!"

Airi is one of the current understudies of AKB0048's 153.5th generation. She earned her way in through the late audition lottery. She is known for her salty remarks and pranks pulled on others. She is also known as Airin.


Airi has long, seafoam colored hair that ends in a braid to prevent knots with a heart shaped line. Her bangs are pinned up on the right side and braided down on the left. Her eyes are a pearly pink color and freckles line her cheeks up to her nose. She is often wearing dark, spooky clothes because of her planet's culture.


Airi isn't known for being the most pleasant idol, but her strangeness is her charm. She is often making salty remarks at others and says strange remarks that don't make sense. She is often found playing pranks on the other girls and scaring them with her spooky props she brought from her home world. Although she may be strange, her demeanor completely changes when she begins to sing and dance into a cheery, upbeat idol.


Airi is very talented at both singing and dancing, but she also has a variety of other... not so useful skills. She considers herself a pro pumpkin carver and often makes a mess of herself, finding pumpkin seeds in her hair and clothes. She is also very good at pranking others and loves scaring the heck out of her teammates.


Airi grew up on the eerie Hallowstar, a planet known for it's general spookiness. The culture there revolves around dark figures and celebrating those that have passed. Hallowstar is under a partial entertainment ban, although many don't pay attention to entertainment anyways. This led to AKB0048 never performing guerrilla concerts due to the overall lack of interest.

Airi one day met a stranger in disguise visiting Hallowstar who told her all about AKB0048, and to this day she believes the stranger was a past member. She became obsessed with the idol group and began to practice singing and dancing, arts that seemed to come naturally. Upon learning that she missed out on the audition for the 153rd generation, Airi was struck with grief. She stole her dads phone to send a message to AKB0048's director, but saw that the group was holding a lottery to add an extra trainee, in which she was picked for.