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赤嶺 和人
Akamine Kazuto
Akamine Kazuto
General Information
Age 33
Birthday 3/22
Gender Male
Home Planet Akibastar
Occupation Vocal Instructor
Eye Colour Purple
Hair Colour Black
Familial information
Other information
User OmegaPri

Akamina Kazuto is the current vocal instructor for AKB0048.


The male has curly black hair and is very tall. He has dark purple eyes and is usually seen either smirking or serious.


Kazuto can be seen very strict and a bit rough towards the girls, but what he's trying to do is toughen them up and make them become better at singing. He always says no one can be perfect, but they can become better if they try and focus

Sometimes, Kazuto allows the girls to have a little fun by dividing the girls into groups and let them compete against each other. He also encourages the girls to have private lessons with him for extra practice and to advance.




Akamine (赤嶺): 赤 can be translated as 'red' while 嶺 is 'ridge'.

Kazuto (和人): 和 means 'harmony' and 人 means 'a person' or 'man'.