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Created by our very own OmegaPri, Daybreak Academy is a roleplay set in the future of the Aikatsu Stars! anime. Join the academy life and try to beat the mighty top idol unit, 2Skies!

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After AKB0048's popularity, thanks to effective DES propaganda following the events of the battle of Akibastar, declined, the idol group started to fall into oblivion. Generations passed, members succeeded and graduated until in SC0120, the last members left. For years, AKB0048 was gone until Motomiya Hikari, head of the AKB0048 management, restarted the group with the auditions for the 150th Generation. A few months later, the 151st Generation joined and AKB0048 started to return to its old glory with the release of their first single in the New Era, Kono atarashii hi ni. Slowly, the group now climbs back to its former glory, with dark calamity waiting behind the horizon.

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