(Yep, that's right, I'm announcing our first concert^^)

Hikari walked in front of the waiting girls.
"Alright, I know you girls have been working hard with practising the dances and songs, but from now on, you'll need to work even harder."

Some of the girs moaned; The last few months, they had worked themselves pretty much to the brink of exhaustion.

"I know that's the way you would react, but I have a reason for saying that you need to work even harder. In ten days, January 31st, we're going to hold a concert." Hikari smiled at the reactions she got. There was everything between laughter to simply smiling, to complete shock, and tears (which she hoped was of joy).

"It will not be a grand concert, since 00 haven't been in the public eye for quite some time, but like the original 1st generation members, and as the 1st generation of the new Era, you may very well carve the way for the future of 00. It probably will be hard, but you've made it this far, and I believe that you could reach even further. Maybe even beyond the way 00 was a hundred years ago. I'll give you the set-list now, so you will be prepared for training tomorrow, where these will be the only songs you'll practice until the concert." She smiled, and handed out papers to the girls. "As you see, you have all been put Center for at least one song. This is to be able to determine who is the most suited for Center, but keep in mind that being Center is not just a walk on roses. She does normally need to work the hardest - she has no-one she can rely on, and the others are watching her back for her to guide them."


  • Aitakatta (Diamond, all)
    • MC1 (Diamond, Ai, Ran)
  • AKB Festival (Ran, all)
  • Shonichi (Kirara, all)
  • Baby! Baby! Baby! (Hotaru, all)
    • MC 2 (Hotaru, Kirara, Aoi)
  • Korogaru ishi ni nare (Aoi, all)
  • Ponytail to Shushu (Akano, all)
  • UZA (Rei, all)
    • MC 3 (Rei, Sakura)
  • Sayonara Crawl (Sakura, all)
  • Enkyori Poster (Megumi, all)
  • Tobenai Agehachou (Haruko, all)
    • MC 4 (Haruko, Yukari, Akano)
  • Beginner (Yukari, all)
  • River (Sayuri, all)
  • Bingo (Yumeko, all)
    • MC 5 (Yumeko, Natsuki)
  • Suzukake Nanchara (Natsuki, all)
  • Deja Vu (Tomorin, all)
    • MC 6 (Tomorin, Ai, Megumi)
  • Yuuhi wo miteiru ka? (Ai, all)